Joseph – crooked and dark teeth

Joe had dark, crooked teeth and what we class as an inverted smile.

Joseph came to see us because he was self-conscious about his smile. His front teeth appeared shorter than his back teeth giving him what we class as an inverted smile. This means his smile goes the other way as opposed to a normal smile where the front teeth are longer. When he was a child Joe was very ill and had to take an antibiotic called tetracycline, when young people take this it can actually discolour the adult teeth which happened in Joe’s case.

Joe rarely smiled, he was very self-conscious and was aware of his discoloration and crooked teeth.  Working with the public this at times made things very difficult for Joe, he had been thinking about getting treatment for a long time. With Joe, the most important feature of his treatment was smile analysis. Firstly, we had to make sure his front teeth were lengthened meaning he would show more teeth, and secondly we had to realign all the teeth into the best position both cosmetically and for his bite. When looking at the finished cosmetics, you can see they have both changed colour and now they are better aligned. Specifically, they are in a better position on his lower lip which means his lip has more support and his face looks much fuller.

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