I Need All My Teeth Fixed

Full Teeth Replacement or Re-Building your teeth

If you feel you need all of your teeth fixed, this can mean a few different things in terms of actual treatment and it can be hard to make this diagnosis yourself.

  • Heavily broken down or decayed teeth
  • Uncomfortable dentures
  • Loose teeth or multiple missing teeth
  • Chronic gum and bone disease
  • Chronic Jaw and bite problems

Maybe you haven’t visited the dentist for a while and feel concerned and embarrassed about the condition of your mouth. In some people, poor teeth and/or a poor bite can lead to a condition called TMD –‘ Temporomandibular Disorder’ which can cause additional problems from clenching and grinding. Providing the foundations of the teeth are good, symptoms like these can be corrected using bite reconstruction treatment or ‘neuromuscular dentistry’.

If your teeth have passed the point where they can be saved, this means the foundations are no longer strong enough for us to build upon and restore, we would then explore the opportunity of Dental implants or traditional dentures.

In some cases, however, we can find that although the teeth seem extremely broken down – they can actually be saved due to having strong foundations and healthy or treatable surroundings.


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We will assess every case closely to determine the best long term treatment options for every client we meet.

Sometimes we need to look at the entire mouth and its bigger system to fix recurring or ongoing problems and create long term dental success.

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