Invisible Braces

Misaligned, crowded teeth not only look bad, they can be unhealthy, leading to accelerated decay and compromising the health of your gums. They can also bring about chronic discomfort and pain to the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and the neck and face. The solution, braces – an even better solution, invisible braces! Metal braces are a big commitment, the average time of completion is around 18 months and for some people they aren’t an easy option… They can be uncomfortable, difficult to clean and difficult to eat with. This is why many patients avoid traditional orthodontics when looking at options to improve their smile.

Your Treatment Options

Crooked teeth dont need to be moved in some cases to achieve that perfect smile. Aswell as invisalign there is also the option of porcelain veneers


It is made up of a series of clear (almost invisible) aligners which are entirely removable and have a similar completion time to traditional fixed braces. Invisalign uses computer technology to create your custom made aligners, each with a minor adjustment to the last, causing a gradual force which moves the teeth over the duration of the treatment.

How long does treatment normally take?

  • Invisalign – Average time 12-18 months. Cases may vary

How long does it last?

  • Invisalign – Life time retention

Does it hurt?

  • The reality is many dental procedures cause discomfort of differing levels depending on the type and severity of the procedure.
  • Our priority is to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible throughout all procedures. We also offer the option of sedation if you would prefer to go sleep during treatment due to nerves or lengthy appointments.

Can I see results of others who have had this problem resolved?

Please see below the examples of just some of our many happy clients who have closed the gaps in their smiles. We thank these clients for allowing us to share their amazing results and stories.

Before & After Photos

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What are my next steps?

So that we can best help you it’s important that you come in for a personalised review and consult. Book in for a complimentary discussion where you can meet our team, and learn about which options are available to you. Alternatively call us now on 1800 SMILING (1800 764 546) to arrange your booking.

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