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Marina's New Smile

Perth social media superstar Marina Martini discusses her porcelain veneer treatment and of course that Vogue photo-shoot!

It was not until I started my YouTube channel that I decided I wanted to improve my smile. The fact that I was constantly staring at my teeth while editing my videos made me realise I had some small imperfections that started bothering me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely unhappy with my smile. All I wanted was an ‘upgrade’ (just a little one haha). Hence why I asked myself if it was worth it wearing braces or going through any other long term treatment just to fix these small details. I thought about that several times and the answer was always no, I personally would prefer to live with these little imperfections than to wear braces or go through any pain.

But my small imperfections didn’t go away and neither my obsession with them. I then decided to search for alternate solutions online and I self-diagnosed that porcelain veneers would probably be the treatment for me and to get the results I wanted. To be honest, I was VERY excited at first, but my enthusiasm quickly faded away when I looked at examples online. Many of the after smiles looked too fake, too white, they didn’t match people’s faces, expressions, personalities…. If I was going to go ahead with treatment, I needed to make sure it was right for me.

I was very nervous about the process, how long it would take, if it was going to be painful, if they were going to change my smile completely… All my concerns were gone when I first met Dr. Adrian and his team. They were very patient, explained me the process thoroughly and clarified any queries I had. One of the things that really brought me comfort was the fact that they were really listening to what I was trying to achieve, to my personality, my preferences. They’ve given me their recommendation on top of that and explained what was possible. I was amazed by their knowledge and case studies. I felt 100% confident that I was going to achieve the results I was looking for.

The entire veneers treatment was really quick and the team was always friendly and professional. Before getting my permanent/final veneers, I was able to try a mock-up for a couple of days to get used to my new teeth and provide feedback (format, texture, colour, etc).

The best part of the process was watching my favourite movies while the team was working on my teeth. Haha. No, just kidding, although the chairs were really comfy and the movies were great, the best part was then I saw my final smile for the first time. It was still MY smile, but a much better version of it. Exactly the way I envisioned it. Actually, even better.


My newfound confidence

Since I got my porcelain veneers I have started smiling more (for obvious reasons), I am not afraid to show my teeth in real life or in my youtube videos. It has actually made me become more positive, more confident! It changed my personality for better and I can see how it is influencing people around me as well. I am proud of my smile and that’s why I didn’t hesitate when Dr. Adrian and the ADA West Perth team invited me for a VOGUE photo-shoot this year.

I couldn’t wait to show everyone Dr. Adrian’s amazing work and show an improved version of me. It was like a celebration of a new chapter.

I had a lot of fun at the photoshoot! The pose was a bit challenging, but I knew that all I had to do was smile haha. The final picture looks amazing, it really shows how a beautiful and confident smile can make a lot of difference. As soon as the February issue of VOGUE went out I bought a couple of them to send out to my family back in Brazil. They are all really proud and can’t stop complimenting my new teeth. My youtube followers have noticed the difference as well, they love it! Some of them don’t even know that I have veneers, they just think I’ve whitened my teeth (that’s how natural it looks!).

I can’t thank ADA enough for fixing my small imperfections that will have a huge impact for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!

Dr Adrian with Vogue Magazine

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