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Are Oral Health Checks Important?

dental check ups perth

Oral Health (Dental) Check-up Perth At ADAP we offer a much more detailed examination than most dental practices. This includes; a thorough check up examination, x-ray, professional cleaning of your teeth, gums, and mouth. We offer a thorough dental examination which includes: Assessment of the teeth and bite Digital radiographs…

Veneers – Common questions and misconceptions

porcelain veneer size 0.3mm

With so many options and much information available, patients often don’t know what to believe when it comes to veneers! This blog gives some insight into some of the common questions our team get asked a must read for anyone looking into the treatment. Do you have to drill my…

Are you judged by your teeth?

We have so many patients who say that they feel self-conscious and judged because of their smiles, with many beginning their consult stating that ‘I have ugly teeth’. We decided to put this to the test…… surely having good teeth can’t impact people’s perceptions that much? The team at ADAP…

Life with my new smile – Marina Martini

Marina's New Smile

Perth social media superstar Marina Martini discusses her porcelain veneer treatment and of course that Vogue photo-shoot! It was not until I started my YouTube channel that I decided I wanted to improve my smile. The fact that I was constantly staring at my teeth while editing my videos made…

That shiny new engagement ring doesn’t quite match your smile

Get your smile ready for your wedding

When planning a wedding there are so many things to organise and arrange, but one thing you can be certain of (as well as that embarrassing uncle having a few too many!) is that your smile will be on full display throughout your big day. The thought of dental treatment…

Is surgery really a holiday?!

Is surgery really a holiday? Read Advanced Dental Artistry's blog to find out

Why are so many people considering dental surgery holidays, are those initial savings and a few days lounging around the pool really worth the risk? It is common knowledge that many Australians travel offshore for major dental and cosmetic surgeries. With over 15,000 Aussies heading overseas each year and spending…

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