Cosmetic and General Dentistry, Morley

Our Morley practice is just as beautiful as West Perth and is taken care of by an incredibly enthusiastic and experienced team. The practice focuses more on general dentistry procedures, along with cosmetics and some restorative dentistry.

What types of procedures do you cover?

Routine check-ups, wisdom teeth care, root canal treatment, extractions, fillings, dental hygiene and all the treatments you can expect from general dental practices are available. Our Morley clinic is led by two stellar dentists, Dr Tanya Kat and Dr John Lam who just love to see their patients leave with a healthy and beautiful smile!

Much more than a usual dental practice

We want patients to be comfortable and to look forward to their dentist visit, that is why we take a caring approach during all steps of your dental journey. Every member of staff is passionate about their work and your oral health. Our dentists have decades of experience and use only the best materials and technology available for your treatment.

We understand a visit to the dentist can be a stressful occasion, no matter the reason for the appointment. At ADAP, our aim is to change the way you think about your dentist, providing a caring, non-judgmental, and stress-free environment to guide you through your regular check-ups.

By taking a holistic and proactive approach to your oral hygiene, we promote awareness on overall dental health and wellness. In some cases, we may pay extra attention to the entire physical and emotional health too. Problems that have plagued you and been avoided for years can be solved in an enjoyable and relaxing way once you’ve found trust and confidence in your dentist.

Want more information?

If you have any further questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us.