Restorative Dentistry

Keeping something in pristine condition for your whole life is difficult and rarely possible. This is no different for your teeth. Though we may wish it wasn’t so, there are various factors in life that can cause serious wear and tear to our teeth. From the food, we eat to injuries, trauma, and oral habits – our teeth can suffer a great deal. For some, this can lead to rather serious consequences. Missing teeth and badly damaged teeth affects not only our aesthetics but also our ability to chew, speak and lead a comfortable lifestyle. That is why restorative dental treatment is such an important part of dentistry.

Treatments we offer:

Two of the most common types of restorative dentistry is dental crowns and bridges, and dental implants. These treatments aim to repair and restore the function of the mouth and teeth. Crowns and bridges are focused on repairing damaged teeth, or in some cases replacing singular missing teeth. Dental implants are used for replacing missing or loose teeth. With All-on-4 dental implants, we can replace an entire set of teeth.

Why might I need restorative dentistry?

There are many reasons as to why you may need restorative dentistry. You may have missing, loose, or damaged teeth for a number of reasons. Causes of these issues include:

Gum disease – There are two stages of gum disease that you may suffer from. Gingivitis is the first stage. This is caused by plaque building up on the gums and releasing toxins that will cause further damage. If left untreated this can transition into periodontitis, which can cause tooth loss and damage to the facial bone structure. Signs of gum disease include swollen and tender gums, bad breath and gum line recession.

Injury – You may have lost a tooth or injured your tooth from high impact. Whether this has caused your tooth to become cracked, broken or missing altogether, there are restorative treatments you can benefit from.

Tooth damage or decay – If you don’t brush or floss your teeth, you run the risk of serious disease and decay. This is especially true if you have a diet that is not so tooth friendly. Sugary foods and drink cause plaque build-up, which can rot your teeth. This may lead to broken or missing teeth that will need to be treated with restorative care.

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