Neuromuscular Dentistry

It has long been known that small differences in the closed-mouth relationship between the upper and lower jaw can lead to chronic facial pain and discomfort. ADAP’s dentists are trained in neuromuscular dentistry. We can guide your restorative treatment plan using the principles of neuromuscular dentistry along with modern imaging techniques.

Neuromuscular dentistry can help those with:

Advanced Dental Artistry is one of the few dental practices in Perth able to deliver neuromuscular dentistry.

What is neuromuscular dentistry?

Many chronically painful conditions such as a headache, neck-ache, and facial pain can be traced to a defective relationship between the upper a lower jaws. The jaw connects at the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and misalignment of this joint provokes a pathological response in the muscles and nerves surrounding the joint. This is often known as “TMJ syndrome.”

Symptoms of TMJ trouble include:

At Advanced Dental Artistry we use a variety of specialised equipment to detect and measure jaw misalignment. We treat TMJ misalignment with corrective splints worn at night.

What else can neuromuscular dentistry help?

As well as diagnosing and correcting misalignment of the jaws and treating TMJ problems, neuromuscular dentistry is a vital component of many successful dental implant restorations. Many older patients who elect to have implant-borne restorations may have been edentulous (missing teeth) for many years. As a consequence, they have lost a great deal of the crestal bone that supported the teeth, creating a greater distance between upper and lower jaw than nature intended.

In the planning stages of an extensive implant based restoration, our knowledge of neuromuscular dentistry enables us to plan the occlusal (bite) relationship we want and then create the prosthetic work needed to transfer the plan accurately to the patient’s mouth.

If you suffer from chronic face, neck, and head pain, and you think that neuromuscular dentistry might provide a solution, contact Advanced Dental Artistry today for a consultation.


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