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Sleep Dentistry Perth

All patients experience some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. But for some of us the fear of the chair can be a deterrent to proper dental care, allowing oral deterioration which can sometimes be irretrievable. And there are some procedures like dental implant surgery which even the most stoic of us would prefer not to experience without sedation or what’s referred to as sleep dentistry.

Is truly painless dental treatment possible?

Of course local anaesthesia can remove all pain, but for those who would prefer to be blissfully unaware of the activity taking place in their mouths, Advanced Dental Artistry is one of comparatively few dental practises authorised to provide “sleep dentistry” – making truly painless dentistry possible.

Sleep dentistry involves, in addition to the usual local anaesthesia, the use of an intravenous sedative that induces a state of twilight consciousness. In this state the patient is conscious enough to comply with simple requests by the clinical team, but after which they will remember nothing of the experience. Apart from providing a much more comfortable experience in the chair, sleep dentistry allows us to complete more work in a single chair visit than would be possible using normal local anaesthesia.

Dental phobia and the oral deterioration that results from it can be a crippling condition. Advanced Dental Artistry’s sedation dentistry is transforming the lives of Perth patients whose fear of the chair was threatening, not just their oral health, but their general wellbeing.


In addition to anaesthesia and sedation, we offer NuCalm, a 4-component drug free system that uses neuroacoustic technology and adrenaline-suppressing supplements to induce a state of calm and relaxation.

If you would like to learn more about painless dental care at Perth’s leading cosmetic and restorative dental practice, call us at 1800 SMILING today for a consultation. We’ll help you determine whether NuCalm or sleep dentistry is right for you.

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