Dr Adrian Kat at Advanced Dental
Dr Adrian Kat
Principal Dentist
Dr Adrian practices from our West Perth clinic doing what he does best – porcelain cosmetics and dental implants, especially All-on-4! His eye for detail and natural creative flare has been the secret behind 20 years of the beautiful, unique smiles that he has created. Adrian prides himself on delivering tailored results and beautiful smiles for even the most challenging cases throughout Australia. Working closely with his team, Adrian keeps a close eye on all cases at Advanced Dental Artistry. From the first consultation to fitted cosmetics and aftercare, he is dedicated to his patients
ensuring the highest levels of care & aesthetic finish are always met. Adrian’s other passion is photography. He is rarely seen without his camera, which has a huge part to play in everyday life at ADAP. Photography and videography allows the team to carefully plan each case and document every part of the process, from Digital Smile Design (DSD) to the beautiful final portraits you can see in our case studies section. His quick-witted sense of humor, welcoming personality, and an ability to talk about just about anything is what makes visiting the dentist ‘something to look forward to’. And yes, people really do say that! When he’s not at work Adrian loves been active and outdoors (usually with a camera in his hand!); exercising, camping or being underwater as a keen scuba enthusiast. Aside from that he is a big family man and loves nothing better than spending time with his partner, kids and of course his dogs.
Dr Tanya Kat
Dr Tanya Kat
Cosmetic Dentist
Tanya has a beautiful calm presence that every environment needs. She instantly puts you at ease with her gentle yet confident demeanor, and like her brother she has a great sense of humor! Her passion is restorative dentistry, paying special attention to neuromuscular bite correction and strengthening back teeth long-term. She is a perfectionist, always determined to get to the bottom of that ‘unexplained dental problem’ and find the underlying reason for ongoing issues. Tanya loves to get her patients to that ‘worry-free’ stage, so they feel confident with their teeth and can
attend regular check-ups and cleans without the fear of always needing something fixed. Her keen eye for cosmetics and facial aesthetics means she gives her patients a smile they can be proud of. Her easy-going nature and high-end dentistry will ensure you feel comfortable and confident throughout all of your treatment. Photography and videography is a big part of Tanya’s job, it allows her and the team to carefully plan each case and document every part of the treatment process. In particular, cosmetic cases which utilise Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology. You can see some of the stunning final portraits in our case studies section. Outside of work Tanya loves being active, if she isn’t running around after two boys she can be found at the local yoga studio, gym, or rock climbing.
Dr John Lam
Private: Dr John Lam
Cosmetic Dentist
Dr John Lam graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2005. Before joining us at our Morley Practice, John owned his own successful practice until 2015. With an artistic flare and an urge to follow another one of his passions, he then decided to take the year off to study photography in Paris. On the weekends he is a corporate and wedding photographer capturing the beauty and special moments that we all cherish. John enjoys all aspects of dentistry but is particularly interested in surgical procedures including wisdom teeth removal and implant placement. From very early on
John took an interest in the behind the scenes work of the ceramist enhancing his ability and developing a keen eye for restorative work. John is very passionate about creating the ultimate experience for you and most of all, he loves seeing people show their true selves even in that moment of vulnerability. Over time building that trust and overcoming that fear is something that he believes is a real honour to witness. The excitement that John gets from producing healthy teeth and smiles is more than a hobby or a job, it's a pure passion, it's waking up in the morning thinking about it and going to bed reading about it. Outside of work John is a big family man and loves to hang out and spoil all his nieces and nephews. He is a massive sports fan, especially the AFL and moto GP and loves socialising with his friends. Meeting new people has become part of his journey and is an adventure in itself, so the respect he has for everyone & everything around him makes him a guy everyone loves to have in their lives!

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