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Porcelain Veneer Case Studies

Meet Your Inspiration!

Cosmetic veneers can transform your confidence addressing everything from chipped and discolored teeth to gaps and overcrowding. But for our patients, it’s so much more than just a smile; the flow-on benefits could surprise you.

Meet Bronwyn

Perth School teacher Bronwyn felt her discoloured tooth was holding her back. Home teeth whitening products weren't effective and she really wanted a permanent solution. Our team worked closely with Bronwyn to ensure she achieved the colour she wanted and her final porcelain veneers were perfectly customised to suit her face.
“ADA kept me informed every step of the way. I felt like everyone was really invested in my smile.”

Meet Lloyd

Lloyd was never too self-conscious about his teeth, but since his smile makeover with us he's unlocked a newfound confidence. Simply laughing and taking photos without a care can mean so much.
“The whole process of getting a new smile worked in perfectly with my FIFO calendar.”

Meet Ben

The catalyst for Ben seeking cosmetic dental treatment with us was his upcoming wedding. It was important to him to feel confident and relaxed on the day and make beautiful memories by smiling big in his wedding photos!
“Being able to physically show my emotions, laughing and smiling, to me, that’s priceless”

Meet Brodie

Brodie was never really happy with her gappy teeth and was tired of never feeling confident to smile. Her upcoming wedding and looking beautiful in photos was a big motivator for her porcelain veneer smile makeover. Living regionally, Brody travelled to Perth seeking the experience of Dr Tanya Kat.
“Smiling big is really important because it shows your personality. A smile is everything,”

Meet Jordan

Jordan had felt self-conscious about her large front teeth since she was a child and after a lifetime of hiding her smile she knew it was time to look at porcelain veneers.
“I was so excited to finally feel happy with my appearance.”

Meet Gary

Gary’s small and gappy teeth bothered him as he knew he wasn't as confident as he could be. As a musician, Gary knew being able to speak, sing and laugh with confidence would have a big impact on his life. He sought the expertise of Dr Tanya Kat for a porcelain veneer smile makeover.
“Confidence can unlock so much. I love my new smile.”

All-on-4 Case Studies

Meet Your Inspiration!

A permanent and revolutionary solution for terminal or missing teeth, our patients often describe this treatment as a significant turning point in their life.

Meet Eve

Years of problematic teeth and gum disease not only left Eve in pain, she felt unable to live her purpose. Serving her community means everything to Eve and being able to smile has enabled a deeper level of connection with her family and friends.
“When you take care of yourself you can help take care of others.”

Meet Colin

When Colin first came to see us his teeth had been affecting his overall health and wellbeing for a long time. He was sick of trying to do his job in constant pain and knew he needed dental implants to regain control of his life.
“My old teeth just made me feel embarrassed. I was so scared to go to the dentist.”

Meet Marilyn

Sick of her embarrassing denture and the emergency dental work that preoccupied her life for 20 years, Marilyn was ready for change. All-on-4 dental implant treatment marked a shift in Marilyn's life she wasn't expecting.
“I’ve found myself more confident to put myself out there, smile and laugh, go out for dinner, little things like that mean so much.”

Meet Brett

Brett was struggling with a number of issues, some of his teeth were ground down, others were cracked and some completely missing. When the pain from constant infections became a lot, he knew all-on-4 dental implant treatment was a solution.
“After witnessing my partner go through treatment at Advanced Dental Artistry, I wanted the same experience and outcomes for myself.”

Meet Pet

Pet has always been an outgoing person who loves connecting with others - mad on sport and spending quality time with her family. She was ashamed of her teeth and often found herself avoiding taking photos.
“My grandkids now love getting their photo taken with me”

Meet Steven

Steven has travelled and worked all around the world and with a busy schedule had neglected his teeth and not gone to a dentist in years. His old teeth were breaking down, causing him pain and impacting his confidence.
“Dr Adrian’s experience with complex procedures gave me a lot of confidence”

Restorative Dentistry Case Studies

Meet Your Inspiration!

Restorative dentistry is a combination of crowns, fillings, dental implants or cosmetic veneers to restore and strengthen your natural teeth. Addressing years of problematic teeth while at the same time getting a beautiful new smile often has ongoing flow on benefits for our patients.

Meet Greg

Sporting accidents over the years left Greg with damaged teeth and a reluctance to smile. He felt his teeth were holding him back from creating genuine connections with his clients and friends. Greg was impressed with the simplicity of the whole process and wishes he’d started his new smile journey sooner!
“My new smile allows me to express joy fully.”

Meet Leslie

Leslie has spent years putting her children first, so doing something for herself felt like a big deal. Smiling is contagious and Lesie felt that by addressing her oral health and teeth, she could give more as a parent, friend and partner.
“Doing something for yourself is big, but it’s worth it.”

Meet Jake

An accident left Jake with two badly damaged front teeth. Temporary veneers saw Jake through until he was old enough to receive the permanent solution of dental implants.
“Having a permanent solution to my damaged teeth is amazing.”

Meet Jody

Jody has a beautiful personality and to think she hid her smile for so many years is unimaginable. Jody suffered from huge dental anxiety, headaches and TMJ relating to her teeth.
“Dr Tanya was a perfectionist. She put me completely at ease and I knew I was in excellent hands. She’s a beautiful human.”

Meet Stephen

Stephen's teeth had been impacting his life for years. Over the years he'd developed habits to hide his smile, like covering his mouth while he spoke and growing a large beard.
“Being able” to smile now just feels natural.

Meet Jennifer

For Jennifer, her restorative treatment with us was all about closing one chapter and opening another. Years of dental issues and low self esteem made her think badly of herself and being a Mum, she always put her kids' needs before her own.
“I think it’s really important to put yourself first sometimes.”

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