Meet Gary

Gary’s small and gappy teeth bothered him as he knew he wasn’t as confident as he could be. As a musician, Gary knew being able to speak, sing and laugh with confidence would have a big impact on his life. He sought the expertise of Dr Tanya Kat for a porcelain veneer smile makeover.

“Confidence can unlock so much. I love my new smile.”

The Treatment

  • There were no issues with the functionality of Garry’s teeth, his concerns were purely cosmetic.
  • Disproportionately small, inward slanting and slightly gappy teeth.
  • With digital smile design technology and our trial smile process Gary was able to ensure his smile looked and felt 100% correct.

The Impact

  • Connecting with confidence has meant a lot to Garry.
  • Such a simple fix to his smile has had a big impact on his appearance.
  • Low maintenance and stain resistant porcelain veneers means Gary is able to simply floss and brush as he would his original teeth.