Meet Leslie

As a parent, Leslie had always put herself last. She had a missing upper premolar, inflammation of the gums and was constantly hiding her smile. Undergoing a restorative smile makeover has kickstarted her oral health and she’s feeling amazing.

“Doing something for yourself is big, but it’s worth it.”

The Treatment

  • Missing upper premolar left a visible gap in her smile which was addressed with a single implant.
  • Her teeth were chipped and uneven.
  • Gingivitis (gum inflammation) made it hard to keep on top of her oral health.

The Impact

  • Doing something for herself, Leslie feels she can now actually give more.
  • Hand crafted upper veneers allowed for a uniform yet natural smile she’s proud of.
  • Returning or giving a big smile without being self conscious has been a huge win. Smiles are contagious!