Meet Steven

Steven has travelled and worked all around the world and with a busy schedule had neglected his teeth and not gone to a dentist in years. His old teeth were breaking down, causing him pain and impacting his confidence.

Steven did considerable research before selecting Advanced Dental Artistry and was drawn to the experience of Dr Adrian and his team..

“Dr Adrian’s experience with complex procedures gave me a lot of confidence”

The Treatment

  • Steven wanted to remove the pain/infection and get a fantastic smile in the process.
  • After reviewing all treatment options, Steven chose All-on-4 as a permanent solution that best suited his needs.
  • All-on-4 dental implants were used to give Steven his function and smile back.

The Impact

  • Feeling like he has wound back the clock!
  • Enjoying a new lease on life and reconnecting with friends.
  • Sharing his amazing new smile with the world.