Making Good Smiles Great with Minor Dental Cosmetics


Diya – a wedding smile

Anyone would have said Diya had a beautiful smile before she came to us – and they’d have been right. However, Diya herself was preparing for her wedding and wanted to resolve some very minor gapping, especially some dark, triangle-shaped spaces where her teeth met her gum.
Diya is a detail-focused person and had had already done a lot of her own research into her perfect smile. In her case, most of our planning went into preparing for achieving the best result cosmetically while being as non-intrusive as possible.
Porcelain veneers placed to cover the between her front teeth were the answer. The result was not only an even more beautiful smile, but one she was happy to flash for family, friends and photographer on the big day.

Marina and Tiffany – recontouring

Minor recontouring is a way of adjusting the size of otherwise healthy and well-aligned teeth. Dr Kat says it is used when patients feel the proportion of their teeth is incorrect for a really outstanding smile.
“One of these cases was Marina. Comparing her before and after photographs, you can see the difference in proportions of her teeth,” Dr Kat says.
“Similarly, Tiffany had just one tooth out of alignment. It was on the left-hand side and jutting forward. Again, we used porcelain veneers to realign this single tooth’s position. It’s a minor cosmetic change but a massive difference to an overall smile.

Ashley – teeth crowding

While the top row of teeth are the main feature of any smile, we also examine the bottom teeth of everyone who comes in. And for some patients, it is indeed in the lower teeth more than the upper where their dissatisfactions lie.
One of the main things we see on the bottom jaw is tooth crowding. This was what was happening for Ashley. She’d come to us specifically for straightening of her lower teeth. Again, porcelain veneers were the best option for her situation and case.

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