Adie – cosmetic concerns



Adie was concerned about the position, wear and smile of his teeth.

Adie is in his late 20’s and is a FIFO worker. He came to see us because he was concerned about the position and wear of his teeth and how this made his smile look. His teeth were quite irregular and there was an overlap. Also, the edges of teeth were worn, and his teeth were chipping because they were not in the correct position.

For the treatment Adie had 6 front teeth veneers, this means we were able to get the edge of his front teeth and bite into the correct position. We also ensured his smile followed his lower lip giving an overall balanced smile. In Adie’s case, we went for a very masculine look, his teeth are much squarer, and there is more prominence in the canine teeth. His treatment was very much suited to him and his personality.

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