Adrian- terminal teeth

adrian - terminal teeth


Adrian had terminal or failing teeth.

A phobia of visiting the dentist is very common and one the biggest reasons why people allow their oral health to deteriorate.  Not necessarily because they don’t take care of themselves or are not healthy, but it can be attributed to a very deep fear usually stemming from a bad experience as a child, which leads to putting off visiting the dentist in adult life.

When things start to break down, a little niggle, decay, or a tooth gets sore, patients tend to ignore these symptoms and conditions often deteriorate very quickly after decades of neglect.

Now in his 50’s, years of no oral health checks and a massive phobia of the dentist’s chair meant Adrian had not received any treatment in a very long time. When we assessed his case it was clear he had failing teeth due to decay, break down and gum problems. We in turn recommended a full extraction of all remaining teeth and proceeded to place implants on the upper and lower jaw, giving Adrian a full set of teeth in just a few days.

Adrian was adamant he didn’t want dentures and really felt they were not a viable option for him. Age can be a large psychological component when patients are considering dentures. For lots of people they see it as a sign they are ageing and really don’t want to go down that avenue. In Adrian’s case he opted for the fixed upper and lower All-on-4 option.

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