Anna – missing teeth and gum disease



Anna, who is in her mid-50s, came to see us about failing upper teeth. She had a partial denture and a lot of gum disease. One of her teeth was missing from one side and it consequently shifted the midline of her teeth so it was not aligned with the midline of the face.

From an appearance point of view, Anna had some old porcelain work done on her teeth, but now she was getting gum problems and gum recession, it was actually showing the margins between her porcelain work and gum; therefore making the teeth appear longer. Anna became very self-conscious and concerned about her appearance, she is someone who is very fit, healthy and takes good care of herself. She wanted a smile that reflected her age, and although she is a grandma she is probably one of the fittest patients to walk through our doors!

With Anna’s treatment, her upper teeth were so badly compromised by gum disease that the bacteria had actually spread and started to affect the lower teeth. In the end, we actually removed all the upper teeth and performed an All-on-4, this meant the bacteria levels on the bottom teeth actually dropped, and the bottom teeth were in fact salvaged. Anna has a much healthier mouth now, able to keep her teeth much cleaner.

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