Attila –
denture problems

Attila - denture problems


Attila had a cracked upper denture, as well as failing lower teeth.

In his late 50’s, Attila had worn an upper denture for many years. Unfortunately, over time due to considerable wear, this became cracked, almost split! Naturally, when this happens dentures tend to move considerably in the mouth making life very difficult. Attila had lost a lot of lower teeth already. Regrettably those remaining were also failing and breaking down with decay.

Attila was constantly battling to cover up his teeth in public. It is a relentless stress keeping their mouth covered, worrying about what people actually see and what they show. Attila was VERY embarrassed about his teeth, he felt that others judged him because of them. He even changed his job, stopped working with people and has spent most of his adult life thus far doing nothing but work because he felt so socially uncomfortable.

Like many patients Attila did a lot of research before he came to see ADAP, he had been thinking about getting help for years! He visited several practices and dentists before deciding to undergo treatment here in West Perth, seeking many second opinions and sifting through pages of information online.

Attila’s only regret is he didn’t do this years ago! He had upper and lower All-on-4 cosmetic implants and is over the moon with the result.

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