Barry – Multiple failing teeth

Barry - Multiple failing teeth


Barry wanted to replace both his upper and lower teeth.

Barry is in his mid-70’s and came to see us about replacing both his upper and lower teeth. He had minimal teeth left and a very unusual bite, with his bottom teeth coming up in front of his upper teeth. This was because they were extremely worn down after many years of an incorrect bite. When this happens, the teeth get weaker and weaker. When so much force is placed onto a tooth at an improper angle, they are prone to breaking or splitting. In one of the photos, you can see Barry’s front tooth is actually split down the middle.

Barry was subject to a typical domino effect. He had missing front teeth, back teeth and as the situation got worse and worse, one by one the teeth slowly broke down increasing the strain onto those that remained. You can see in our case study video when Barry smiles he has many gaps and missing teeth.

What is important in cases like this, is that patients must understand and expect some swelling and bruising after extraction and implant surgery. Patients can get puffy in the face from time to time just like Barry did, with around 15% of patients showing signs of visible bruising that can last for about 1-2 weeks. This is often either due to medical conditions, or it is just that person’s natural reaction to the healing process.

Barry is an upper and lower All-on-4 case, with all his natural teeth not able to be saved. The only fixed option was to place upper and lower implants with fixed bridges. Alternatively, we could have extracted all the teeth and given Barry dentures.

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