Bernie – Heavy worn denture

Bernie - before and after dental photos


Bernie’s felt that cosmetically his smile was not quite right.

A small number of patients who have dentures find them very comfortable. However, over time the mouth changes and one of the problems with removing teeth is that the gums move and the bone shrinks. This means dentures can become ill-fitting; falling out, rubbing, and even getting fungal growth. Upper dentures tend to have a lot better suction to the palate than lower dentures, hence why people tend to avoid lower dentures as they know they can be very troublesome as time goes by.

In Bernie’s case, he had an upper denture for a long period of time but kept his natural lower teeth. The reason Bernie visited ADAP was that aesthetically he felt his smile was not quite right. His old acrylic dentures were very worn down and had become ill-fitting, with the lower natural teeth losing all of their enamel in the process. Consequently, dentine had been exposed so they were starting to crack and break.

Treatment wise, Bernie was very happy sticking with an upper denture. What we did was to create a new upper denture, with new teeth, at a new height, in a new jaw position. Bernie‘s lower teeth were all salvageable, so we reinforced them with porcelain to make sure they didn’t break down any further. Preparation is so important in cases like this. Only when we had completed our trial smile process to ensure the cosmetics were 100% correct did we commit to fitting the final upper denture and the new lower teeth.

After treatment, Bernie had a much better bite, showing a lot more teeth from the increased vertical height. It completely changed his profile, much improving his appearance!

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