Brandon – Severely worn teeth

Brandon - severely worn teeth


Brandon was a full mouth reconstruction case where we had to reconstruct all the teeth to a new position using porcelain. Porcelain is the only material which is very similar to tooth enamel. When a patient has had years of breakdown, so they may have spent decades grinding their teeth or may have lost some teeth, that means the remaining teeth are doing a lot more work than they should. What we see is a gradual breakdown.

What we see with full mouth reconstruction is we know is that the foundations of the teeth are sound. The gum and the bone are healthy, there is no gum disease and we know that the roots of the teeth are strong and there is some crown remaining for us to place to porcelain on top.

Full mouth reconstruction in Brandon’s case, we found the position of where his teeth would be if he had not of worn and ground his teeth down. Once the patient starts grinding the teeth in their late teens or twenties, they have the enamel which is very strong. But once that enamel is worn down and broken through, you reach the softer part (dentine) of the tooth which wears at a much faster rate.

When teeth are worn down this not only changes the appearance and smile, but patients lose vertical height of the face (lower third) from the nose to the chin which gives a very aged appearance. When the correct position for the teeth is identified, it generally means we are opening up the vertical height of the teeth, or the height of the upper teeth and lower teeth, or the vertical height between the teeth. It means we change not only their smile and bite but also change their face. This is probably one of the most important factors with whole mouth reconstruction patients, is that they end up with a beautiful smile and perfect bite, but the face also changes.

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