Brad – small, worn down and gappy teeth



Brad was very self-conscious about his smile and had many complex dental problems.
Brad is in his thirties and came to see us as he was concerned and very self-conscious about his smile. He had many issues with his teeth; not only were they chipped and worn down with gaps, but Brad also had decay in the lower back teeth. Treatment-wise there was only really two viable options – either orthodontic treatment or porcelain treatment. When looking at Brad’s teeth, his front two teeth are a lot bigger than the surrounding teeth, meaning the proportions of the teeth are not quite right. Due to the wear, orthodontic treatment would not have given the best aesthetic result. As such, we recommended Brad had 8 porcelain veneers. This meant we were able to close the gaps and get the proportion of the teeth correct giving him a more balanced smile. As ever, planning was crucial in this case. The team used digital smile design technology to ensure the correct bite, fit and cosmetic result would be achieved. Before his final porcelain veneers, Brad also had a gum lift, giving his smile more length and balance. After Brads 6-month follow-up appointment, he actually said we had made his year!

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