Cyril – broken down, missing & decayed teeth



Cyril had unfitting partial dentures due to worn down and missing upper and lower teeth.

Cyril came to see us seeking advice on how to improve his overall health and smile aesthetics. He had not many teeth left. They were decayed and with lots of wear so we decided that the best treatment of choice would be to replace the top and bottom with full dentures. We extracted the teeth at the top and inserted the upper denture immediately!

A common complaint about lower dentures is loss of retention over time as opposed to the top which generally holds better due to the palate. Therefore, We decided to keep two of the roots on the bottom jaw to avoid bone recession and use it as retention for the lower denture. We treated the roots with Root canals to prevent further infections and decided to do relines to fit the denture around the area. Cyril is happy with the results and teeth look great as you can see in the video below.

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