Irene – Worn down and poorly fitting dentures



Irene had multiple set of dentures that were all ill-fitting, affecting her aesthetics, health, eating and digestion habits.

Irene came to see us in the hope of finally finding a solution to her denture problems. She has had multiple sets of dentures over the years but struggled to find a set that was a good fit. The problem that most patients find with dentures is the fact that lower dentures usually move around due to a lack retention. Irene went to a consultation years ago and was told that she didn’t have enough bone to have implants, but nowadays the technology has advanced so much, allowing us to place specific designs of implants on the lower jaw with minimal bone structure.

For her case, we designed a lower all on 5 bridge. This is a variation of the All on 4 design used to get more stability due to the bone levels. This gave Irene a more improved lower fixed implant bridge, which is completely functional and aesthetic. We then remade a new upper denture to match. Irene now feels much more comfortable when she eats and does not have to feel self-conscious or worry about aesthetics. She is now much happier and much more confident.

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