Joanne – Missing teeth and gaps



Jo has never been happy with her teeth, she is missing lateral teeth and centrals are gappy.

Jo came to us as she decided it was time to do something with her smile. Her main concern was to fix her top front anterior teeth. Jo had missing the laterals, as she had orthodontic treatment done in the past which brought all her teeth together, pushing the canines into the space of the laterals. This made the canines look too big and therefore meant her smile now looked disproportionate. Also, she had a gap between her two central incisors which she wanted to close and gum recession which wanted to correct.

Dr Tanya decided that her best treatment option was to have porcelain veneers. The team selected and designed 8 front veneers and re shaped her canines to look like laterals, close the gaps and bring everything into harmony, giving Jo proper shape and a beautiful smile. Jo was very surprised when she tried her trial smile, she could not believe they were temporary! Once she got the porcelain inserted she was very happy and told us that she plans to come back to the lowers at a later stage.

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