Martin – old crowns and grinding



An old football accident as a teenager had now left Martin with terminal lower teeth.

Martin had lost all confidence in his smile. He first came to see us in October 2015, and went away with a treatment plan to consider his options. He then came back for treatment in December 2016, with his final porcelain finished January 2017. Martin had a few dental issues. As a boy, he had a football accident and got kicked in his lower front teeth which were so badly damaged they had to be root canalled and fitting with crowns. Martin also had some very painful abbesses in his jaw which meant his front bottom teeth were terminal. Because of grinding and wear, the porcelain at the bottom had worn down his upper front teeth meaning they were now weak. Another issue was Martin was congenitally missing upper lateral teeth. What this means is that canine teeth then move forward making his teeth look quite odd, with gaps and not in proportion.

Martins treatment consisted of a porcelain bridge and upper veneers. He was thrilled with his final smile as you can see in the portrait.

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