Robyn – Old dentures



Robyn had her old dentures replaced with a new set of customised dentures

All dentures are made out of acrylic and, over time, both teeth and dentures wear. Another problem is that because the teeth have been removed, over time the mouth changes due to bone and gum recession and people tend to loose what we call vertical height. This vertical height is important as it drastically effects the lower third of the face. Where we see shrinkage and wearing down of the teeth, the lower third of the face also changes especially the lip support.

When Robyn came to see us, she realised she needed a new set of dentures. She was, however, apprehensive and scared of getting a new set even though she knew her old set were ill-fitting. You can see in the video below the difference it made to her face; her reaction and comments say it all! Her new set was a big improvement both cosmetically and functionally.


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