Tom – Unhappy with upper denture

Tom_upper denture

Tom was very unhappy about the way his old upper denture looked.

Tom’s upper denture was made incorrectly, the plane of the teeth wasn’t quite right and gave him a very bucked look cosmetically. Previous technicians were trying to give Tom more upper lip support but, unfortunately, this didn’t work out as planned. He also only had 8 lower teeth remaining, these had all been crowned but sadly they had started to fail, with all 8 showing signs of root decay.

The structure of Tom’s mouth had evidently changed quite dramatically since his previous treatment. We went ahead with lower implants and an upper denture. This really gave us the freedom to create a new position for Tom’s teeth. Using a special technique called a ‘split cast’ we were able to place his new teeth well above his original teeth, raising the whole plane of his lower jaw using lower implants and matching his upper dentures to this new plane.

This is a very sophisticated treatment and takes a lot of time and planning in order to get the desired result. Libby, our ceramist, really worked hard on this case, and her bespoke design resulted in a fantastic end product eliminating Tom’s gummy smile.

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