Ziata – hereditary bone and gum loss



Ziata was an upper and lower all-on-4 case.

Dr Adrian had actually treated Ziata’s husband 5 years ago for all-on-4. Ziata came to us because she had major gum problems. She had been seeing a periodontist for many years, but she unfortunately had a hereditary problem which meant she lost bone and tissue in her mouth.

Ziata was very concerned and self-conscious about the appearance of her teeth, and her missing teeth. She had a combination of problems including decay and loose teeth. The main concern was actually her front teeth they had lost attachment and lost gum. So they were starting to drift. This is when people lose the structure that supports the teeth and includes damage to the root – the gum and bone surrounding the tooth. This is very common in gum disease problems, they lose support and the teeth move or drift as you can see in the initial photos her upper teeth have moved forward. She looks quite bucky in her photos, and she had issues with the length and movement of the teeth.  This was an upper and lower all-on-4 case where we removed all the upper and lower teeth as well as a considerable amount of damaged gum and bone.

Ziata had a new set of teeth in just a few days.

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