Lisa – Missing & broken down teeth



Lisa has been unable to smile for a long time due to missing teeth. This has affected her life and confidence.

Lisa came to us because she has had ongoing dental problems for the past 10 years. She had lost most of her back teeth especially on her upper arch, most notably her back molars both top and bottom were missing. Understandably this had a massive impact on Lisa’s life. Not only could she not smile without feeling embarrassed, but it really affected her ability to chew and eat the foods she once loved.

For her case, we have decided to do an immediate full mouth replacement with all-on-four for both upper and lower. As we were missing most of her teeth, the team decided to complete her treatment plan in 4 days. This included 2 trail smiles before the final insert to ensure that the results covered the patients and our expectations. At the end of the treatment the patient was excited for her results and was grateful to have a smile that could not only show to the world, but could help her improve to a healthier lifestyle.

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