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Diya is in mid-late 20’s, came to see ADA as she wanted to achieve the ‘perfect smile’ cosmetically.

She was very particular about her smile, she knows exactly what she wants. Generally speaking, there are 2 types of patients; one that really allows ADAP to really take control realising the dentist generally knows what is best treatment wise, with the other wanting to choose their own size, shape, texture, colour etc. In Diya’s case she had a lot of attention to detail, wanting her smile to be ‘perfect’. She was getting married and put a lot of thought and research into the smile that she wants. In Diya’s case there was a lot of planning that went into it, in this case the most planning went into the preparation of her teeth. How could we achieve the best result cosmetically, while being as none intrusive as possible. How little do we need to touch her teeth while getting that perfect smile?

Modern veneers can generally be down to .2/.3mm, which is obviously very, very thin. We need people to understand that when they have treatment done, whether it is bonding with composite resin  or whether it is bonding composite veneers, we are altering the teeth in some way. Even things like veneers or glam smile which actually is promoted as non-prep veneers, we actually have to bind them to the teeth. This will of course always alter the natural teeth in some way.

In this case the most important thing is we used minimal preparation. Ultra-thin porcelain veneers and we achieved the cosmetic result the patient wanted.

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