Doug – Denture retention

Doug denture replacement


Improve shape and proportion, replace old dental work, colour change, strengthen teeth

Doug is in his 50’s and he has been wearing upper and lower dentures for the past 21 years. When teeth are removed and patients wear dentures for a long period of time, the bone and gums actually shrink and change. We know over time we get absorption of the bone (shrinkage), because the bone is no longer being used and is not functional. No direct pressure on bone makes it shrink. Once this happens the gums undergo changes.

One of the biggest problems in cases like this is that on the upper denture we normally get good suction and retention. Most patients can function quite well with an upper denture. But once they convert to a lower denture, the problem is because of the space for the tongue, there is no suction and the denture moves around all the time. So it is very common for patients to look for lower All-on-4 treatment where they are getting a fixed lower set of teeth, finished with an upper denture with good suction. So in this case what we are doing is just that, replacing his upper denture with a new full denture & fixing his lower full denture with an All-on-4 bridge.

Doug is a great value and very funny. His comments on his video are hilarious and he has a great sense of humour. Because of his old dentures he has lost a lot of vertical height as obviously the bone and gum shrinks and the teeth on the denture start to wear down. When this happens (wearing down & vertical height lost), patients get a very concaved look. Lips are no longer supported correctly, and they get a very sunk in look, side profile & face. Especially in lower third. So a new set of dentures whether it be All-on-4 or just standard upper and lower dentures can help move the teeth to the correct vertical height, and actually makes a massive difference. Not only to the way the lips are supported but to the vertical height, especially to the lower third of the face filling it out and stopping that sunken in look.

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