Ian – missing front teeth



Ian was very self-conscious and embarrassed about his missing and worn down front teeth.

Ian is in his 40’s and was suffering from missing front teeth. He had a partial denture which was replacing those front teeth, but because his denture was ill fitting, it had actually rubbed and broken down the teeth either side of the gap. This had got to the point where his canine supporting his denture actually broke down.  Ian works as a carpenter; he says he could have worked as a ventriloquist because he learnt how to talk without showing his teeth anymore. He was very self-conscious and embarrassed. It has a massive impact on him especially socially.

Eating with a partial denture was very uncomfortable, it always used to move around and cause problems.  His treatment was upper and lower all-on-4. We removed all the remaining teeth, and within a few days, Ian had a new set of teeth.

You can see in our before and after video the massive difference in both Ian’s appearance and personality.

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