Imrich – Failing implants

Imrich's new all on four implants by Dr Adrian


Imrich is 56 years old, and he first came to see ADAP about 18 months before he had treatment done. Imrich had implants placed many years ago, and they were placed incorrectly – too close together. This meant there was not enough bone between the implants which made it impossible for Imrich to maintain good hygiene. This resulted in the implants failing on the lower, both at the front and the rear. He also suffered bone loss between the implants. His current implants needed removing, so he was searching for new alternatives.

Imrich’s first visit was primarily to gather more information. He then went away and did more of his own research into what he felt was the best route to take. He was deciding between and upper full denture, with a lower implant treatment OR both an upper and lower implant treatment. He went with the latter as he wanted something that was fixed.

His case required us to fix a new upper denture with a new all-on-4 bridge, and removing the old implants, putting new ones in, then placing a new lower bridge in all at the same time.

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