Janine – Failing front teeth

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Janine is in her late 40’s and her reason for visiting was cosmetics. She was, however, scared of visiting the dentist. Janine had 2 main issues; she had gum problems and decay, and with her cosmetics, if you look at her before photo you can see how much her teeth have moved due to these issues. From the 12 o’clock view, you can see how the teeth have moved forward quite a bit.

At ADAP we do a lot of digital smile design. During this we analysed and checked Janine’s smile very carefully, then we prefabricate the case with cosmetic wax-ups. Janine being nervous was sedated during treatment, then we went through a process called the trail smile. Because she needed some teeth removed, she lost 2 of her left-hand side teeth. We put an immediate temporary bridge on the day of treatment so the patient never went without having teeth at all. This is a very important fact, as we know and understand many patients have a fear of having extensive treatment and actually leaving the practice with missing teeth for a period of time. However, we always make sure people never go with out, in this case inserting a temporary bridge right away. That temp bridge was custom designed. We know we can improve a patients overall cosmetics by placing a temporary bridge 8-12 weeks, allowing everything to heal. It also means we can assess if the patient is happy with the new smile during this period, so the final porcelain can be made by our in house ceramists.

The porcelain result image is a combination of porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers. All manufactured to the highest standard in-house. In summary, the most important thing is the patient has eliminated her bad teeth, and secondly, by removing certain teeth she has had these replaced straight away with a temp bridge, we have allowed everything to heal and to make sure she is happy with her smile. The end result is a less gummy, balanced and harmonious smile.

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