Jenny – Denture retention

Jenny before and after - denture retention


Jenny is in her mid-70’s and has had a lot of problems with her upper denture. It is a very old denture which is worn down a lot. Her gums and bone have changed, and she is finding that the denture is dropping every time she wears the denture. On the lower, she only has a few natural teeth left now but they have very severe gum disease to the point where they are now moving and causing problems.

she has both done her own research and been told by friends that lower dentures do/can give a lot of problems. There are problems with suction and they do tend to move around a lot, it is very common for people to struggle with ill-fitting lower dentures trying to keep them in and fixed with the tongue and cheeks because there is no natural suction due to the position of the tongue.

Jenny’s treatment was the removal of the remaining lower teeth. Placing 4 implants into the bottom, and within a few days giving Jenny a new fixed set of lower teeth, with a new upper denture. Most importantly with the upper denture is that it fits well with good retention and suction, and aesthetically we have improved everything considerably.

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