Robyn – Thin, chipped and worn down teeth



Robyn has a history of chipped and broken down teeth, which caused the enamel to be very thin.

Robin came to see us after some time recovering from a work-related accident, so she thought it was time to treat herself. Her teeth had a lot of chips and wear, especially on the front. They were very thin and there was gum recession on the two central incisors. Robin has had the front teeth filled before, which now are discoloured and not proportional. She wanted to straighten her teeth so we designed a treatment plan in porcelain to help her regain good aesthetics and protect her teeth from further wear. We did 8 porcelain veneers which was complimented with a gum lift to help restore that harmonic symmetry. Robin was very happy at the end of her treatment and could not stop smiling!

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