Suzanne – Partial denture and missing teeth

Suzan has a new smile with all on 4 implants


Suzanne had failing upper teeth and missing back teeth, and while her partial denture was aesthetically good it did have a tendency to drop, move and was causing her a lot of discomfort. She was embarrassed about the partial denture and wouldn’t let even her closest family see her without her denture in.

There are two main problems with artificial dentures:

  1. They can become dislodged when doing anything with your mouth
  2. They have metal clasps to help hold the partial denture in place. In some cases, you can see the clasp when the patient smiles.

Suzanne had both the clasp slightly visible as well as major movement issues. She decided to remove all her upper teeth as these remaining were terminal and have an all-on-4 bridge placed.

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