Warren – Decayed, broken down & missing teeth



Warren did not like his smile and was very conscious of his bite and health.

Warren is in his mid-thirties and came to see Dr Tanya at Morley about his decayed and broken down teeth. Over the last 12 months he lost his bite support due to missing teeth meaning his bite support changed turning him into a class III. Warren had three treatment options as he was suitable for all-on-four, full dentures or partial dentures. However, due to his medical history we advised that partial dentures would not be a viable long term option. We instead opted for full upper and lower dentures.

With the Help of Neuromuscular Dentistry, we relaxed his muscles and found a new ideal bite and regained his vertical dimension to get the proper height for both function and aesthetics. Libby our technician designed the upper and lower denture to restore his smile in just one appointment! Warren decided to use sedation throughout his treatment, we extracted his teeth and inserted the dentures all on the same day.

Warren has no problems with the dentures, he looks great and is happy he got the treatment stating he feels more confident and happy in himself.

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