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Cosmetic Dentistry Blog and News

Making Good Smiles Great with Minor Dental Cosmetics

Perhaps you are like so many other Western Australians: you have a natural smile that lights up your face, but there’s just something about it you don’t quite like. In other words everyone says you have a good smile, but you personally don’t feel it is a great smile. There…

Using Botulinum Toxin to Treat TMJ Disorder

Most people think dentistry begins and ends with teeth. But there is more to it than that. The mouth, jaw and tongue - even the neck - all contribute to and are affected by overall tooth health and function. The field that wraps in this more holistic view is neuromuscular…

Smile Makeovers: 7 Steps to the perfect smile

Look in the mirror. Are you happy with your smile? Perhaps you are - great! But if, like most people, you’d like a more dazzling grin, then a smile makeover is something to consider. At Advanced Dental Artistry, we meet hundreds of people each year who are thinking about porcelain…

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