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Do you avoid smiling at work?

Discover what a smile can mean when it comes to connection and confidence in your work life. Communicate more powerfully, form career-boosting connections, and unlock your potential. We all know that communication is key, but when you're covering your mouth, mumbling your words and hiding your smile, your message might…

Overseas Dental Treatment – At what cost?

Multiple failed dental implants that were done overseas spurred Julianna to come to us in the hope of addressing the many complications which had resulted. The failed implants had such a negative impact on her, she felt compelled to share her story with others who maybe considering overseas dental treatment…

What materials are used for dental implants?

Book a free phone consult What are dental implants made of? Is it safe to have metal fixed into your mouth? Having any foreign objects fixed into your body definitely raises lots of questions. If you're thinking of getting dental implants, you'll probably want to know what's being put in…

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