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Are Dental Veneers Reversible?

Sandra’s dental veneers

It is no secret that some veneer products are marketed that way. So, can you get your dental veneers removed or reversed? It seems like a simple enough question, but there are, of course, a few complications. The key point is that reversible and removable are two different things. Whether…

Am I Too Young For Dental Implants?

new-generation dental implants

When you think dental implants, you might be thinking they’re just ‘false teeth’ that you don’t take out at night. You might think they’re something for your grandparents … or perhaps a boxer who’s taken a few too many unfortunate punches to the mouth. If that is what you think,…

What Is Sleep Dentistry?

If you’re asking that question, then your teeth and your smile might depend on something called sleep dentistry. It’s something you need to know about because it is a solution to the causes of dental phobia and, after all, dental care is not optional in life. Nonetheless, some people have…

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