At Advanced Dental Artistry our Express Cosmetics concept is ideal for servicing; FIFO workers, patients from rural WA, interstate and overseas.

Time constraints are often a big deterrent for going ahead with smile makeovers. All too often we see people who put off treatment because they didn’t think they could fit it in their rosters off, or visits back to Perth. Although dependant on individuals and the complexity of cases, in most circumstances the team can meticulously plan; diagnostics, surgeries, inserts and reviews around the most challenging of time constraints. Having a totally inhouse team means we are in the unique position to turn cases around and complete your smile makeover far quicker than many other dental practices without most importantly compromising on quality. Saying ‘yes’ to that new smile might not actually take as long as you think!

Planning your smile makeover - we’re here to help!

Choosing the ‘right moment’ to go ahead with your smile makeover is never easy.
When you have a busy work schedule…

When visits to the city are few and far between…

For many reasons it’s natural for you to be concerned that the process will be drawn out and disruptive. Will you have to take time off work? Will you have to get someone to look after the kids? Will you have to make the trek to and from the practice for multiple appointments? It can all seem too much… The good news is our Express Cosmetics program makes everything faster and easier than you’d expect.
Our team can usually work to suit your schedule, work, family and FIFO travel arrangements. We can plan and complete your case as and when it suits you.
If you’re travelling interstate and overseas, we can even plan the whole trip – flights, transfers, accommodation and every detail. It can all be arranged to make the process hassle free!

All-on-4 dental implants in 2-4 days

All-on-4 implants can give you a realistic full-mouth set of replacement teeth in as little as 2 days!
The genius of All-on-4 is that by placing two implants at the front of the jaw and two implants in the back, there is enough support to give you a full and fixed set of prosthetic teeth.

In the past, a full-mouth set of replacement teeth was extensive surgery requiring many implants. The recovery times were, likewise, much longer.

The All-On-4 technique practised by Dr Adrian and the team is an incredible and often life-altering solution for those with severe tooth loss.

This treatment could be for you if you:

  • Don’t like the idea of removable dentures
  • Suffer from poorly-fitting dentures
  • Have decay and infections
  • Have advanced gum disease (periodontal disease)

Have loose teeth or missing teeth.

Lisa’s story

Missing teeth meant Lisa spent years unable to smile. Her life and her confidence were badly affected. As a busy mum who worked FIFO, her children were always the number one priority. Finding time to look after herself was low on the list.

Yet, as she had lost most of her back teeth, Lisa had lost not only jaw function and the ability to chew the food she loved, but also her confidence.

She felt embarrassed to laugh and smile. With Lisa’s hectic schedule it was important we turned her case around quickly. The team worked tirelessly to give Lisa a new set of teeth in just 3 days from the day of surgery!

Porcelain cosmetics in 7-10 days

Porcelain cosmetics, also known as porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are a great way to solve many common complaints. Replace old dental work, fix crooked teeth or restore worn-down teeth – all are great candidates for this non-surgical procedure.

Maybe you have a small number of teeth you are unhappy with. Perhaps you want to change your whole dental appearance.

With our minimal preparation porcelain cosmetics, you can choose the exact size, shape and colour of the teeth you wish to change.

The result? A beautiful, long-lasting and natural-looking smile that’s been hand-crafted by our inhouse ceramists, Libby and Soo.

Unlike the vast majority of dental practices that contract the crafting of their veneers to third-party labs, we have inhouse technicians. It means we can turn your case around in record time without any effect on quality.

Tiffany’s new smile

Tiffany found herself in the public eye when she appeared on The Bachelor in 2016. Since then, she’s regularly found herself in the tabloids, on TV and now has an ever-growing fan base on Instagram!

Tiffany reached out to us 2 weeks before she had to film a Bachelor spin off in the USA. Regularly seeing herself in the public eye, Tiffany admitted she had become self-conscious about her teeth.

She was particularly selective about photos and angles and admitted to not smiling for closeups – not something you can get away with on reality TV!

After a clean with Nicole (our hygienist) we began the Phillips Zoom in-chair whitening process. Meanwhile Soo (one of our ceramists) started work on Tiff’s new porcelain veneers. We finished Tiff’s treatment with time to spare and then she was off to the States flashing her new pearly whites for the fans.

Maintaining your new smile

Maintenance is crucial. Regular check-ups, cleans as well as annual scans all ensure your smile makeover stays healthy and keeps looking great.

We not only plan your treatment around your schedule, but also your maintenance. We will keep in close contact with you and do everything we can to accommodate your lifestyle. This is especially important for those who work FIFO or travel frequently.

If interstate or overseas travel to Perth isn’t feasible, trust in our wide network of colleagues. As our handpicked professional contemporaries, we vouch for their skills and standards and happily recommend them to maintain our work.

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