Here at Advanced Dental Artistry, we practise some of the most innovative restorative procedures in modern dentistry. However, that doesn’t mean we ignore the tried and true procedures that have been with us for many decades. Though being one of the foundations of modern dentistry, dental crowns and bridges have not declined; rather the march of technology has made successive improvements to the treatment. Today’s crowns and dental bridges are made from lifelike porcelain milled by computer control to fit perfectly between, and look indistinguishable from, their natural neighbours.

What is a crown and bridge restoration?

Crowns can save a decayed or broken tooth, forming a cap over the remaining tooth that protects it from further damage. They can transform the appearance of a much-filled tooth, and provide a lasting solution to retaining an otherwise moribund tooth.

Dental Bridges are dental prostheses which allow a missing tooth to be replaced by an artificial tooth supported by healthy teeth on either side. Again the planning and fabrication of modern bridges are assisted by computers, and today’s bridges are usually made out of porcelain fused to metal. Where an implant based restoration is not possible, a bridge can provide a lasting prosthetic solution.
Obtaining perfect results with crowns and bridges requires a profound understanding of dental prosthetics and extensive training in the technology and experience in its clinical use. In addition to their thorough grounding in dental prosthetics, Advanced Dental Artistry’s in-house team undertake regular continuing education to hone their clinical skills.

Dental Crowns

If you require a crown, the process involves moulding and matching the cap to the rest of your teeth, so that it looks as natural as possible. This means that the crown is carefully created so it is the correct shape and colour. Your original tooth may need to be reduced in size so that the crown can be placed properly.

Dental Bridge

Bridges involve replacing missing teeth with a prosthetic that is anchored by two healthy teeth, called abutments, on either side of the gap. The process for bridges is much the same as crowns. The two abutments are prepared for the procedure, and a mould and colour match is taken. After the prosthetic has been created, it’s placed and adjusted until it is a perfect fit.

Substandard lab work can squander the best clinical skills in the world. Advanced Dental Artistry works with the best dental technicians in Perth and worldwide, to ensure that all our crowns and bridges are up to the gold standard of appearance, fit, and durability.

Root canal treatment

Also known as endodontic treatment, root canal therapy is a tooth-saving procedure for those teeth that have been deeply infected. As the nerve dies the tooth is very painful, sensitive to hot and cold and spontaneously painful. Over a period of time the pain may subside, but what is happening is that the nerve is dying.

What happens though is the bacteria keeps multiplying inside the tooth, and actually end up with what is known as an abscess. This is occurring at the end of the root and is extremely painful and can be life threatening. The infection is caught inside the jaw bone itself!
When getting root canal treatment, it is important to consider long-term restoration of the tooth. The best option for this would be a porcelain crown.

The two stages of root canal treatment; removal of infection relieving pain and symptoms, but secondly restoring the tooth so it is strong decreasing the chance of any breakage/fracture of the tooth and or root.

Is a crown and bridge restoration right for me?

Crowns and bridges can work as a standalone procedure, or may be accompanied by other cosmetic work. To find out whether crown and bridge treatment is right for your case, call us at 1800 SMILING now for a preliminary examination and consultation.

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