If you are unhappy with your smile and are looking for subtle improvements, wanting to replace outdated or broken dental work, or are having problems with the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth, an Advanced Dental Artistry smile makeover could be the answer for you!

When we use the phrase ‘smile makeover’ here at ADAP, we are referring to creating our patients dream smiles with the use of innovate cosmetic dental techniques. This can range from small cosmetic changes like porcelain veneers and whitening right through to more complex cases that require a full mouth reconstruction, even dental implants and all-on-4 to replace missing or terminal teeth.

An ADAP smile makeover will not only mean you get amazing aesthetics, but also the best possible function. We love helping our patients smile again getting them the results they want and in some cases desperately need!

Why Advanced Dental Artistry?

One of the best parts about our practice is that we are fully self-serviced. We have a highly-experienced team of ceramists, prosthetists, and anaesthetists so you only ever need to visit us at one location. We take pride in understanding our patient’s dental goals and our aim is to create a dental experience like no other. From the treatment you receive to the surroundings of our practice, we are always seeking to expand on our education so that we are at the forefront of modern dentistry.

Our Patients

Diya – Cosmetics


Adie with porcelain veneers

Adie – cosmetic concerns



Anna – missing teeth and gum disease


Jonathan – Complex dental problems


Joanne Barnes – old cosmetics, gummy and narrow smile


Martin – old crowns and grinding


Designing the perfect smile

Smile Design Technology

We know that when people laugh, smile or talk in a certain way, that they can position themselves differently. This is because they have taught themselves how to appear to make there smile look at its best from a certain angle. Modern dental software combined with videography means the team can thoroughly analyse your face and design a smile that will suit you from any angle or when pulling any expression. Simply put, when we use video there is no hiding!

Dental Composition

It has been said that disharmony between a smile design and a person’s personality can at times leave people feeling a little underwhelmed. At ADAP the team believe in the concept of dental Visagism. This approach means that our smile design process considers not just amazing aesthetics, but how to express a patient’s personal image and their sense of identity through there smile.

Listening to our patients

Even with the most precise case planning from our team, listening to the feedback of you, our patients, is so important in the process of getting you the end result you want. The whole team here at Advanced Dental Artistry will do everything they can to help you achieve your dental goals, we will always put your opinions first during your smile makeover!

Steps to a new smile

Depending on your case, generally a cosmetic smile makeover case will involve the following stages:

Discovery Call – Discuss options in more detail and provide ballpark costs.

New Patient Exam & Treatment Plan – 30-60-minute exam performed by dentist with patient given bespoke treatment plan and confirmed prices within 24 hours.

Smile Design – Once you are happy with your treatment plan, have arranged finances and would like to go ahead with treatment, our team prepare the diagnostics for your case.

Trial Smile – We begin preparing you for your new smile! Phases of trail smiles and temporaries mean we get your final cosmetics right on point.

Final Cosmetics – FINISH! Are fitted when both the team and patient are happy with the end result.

Aftercare – regular check-ups and hygiene appointments are scheduled to make sure your new smile remains beautiful and healthy.

Express Cosmetics

The modern world is lived at a very fast pace and for many people, a big deterrent for going ahead with treatment is finding ‘the right moment’. Patients sometimes think the process of getting a new smile can be very a disruptive and drawn out process especially when on a hectic schedule. However, finally saying ‘yes’ to that new smile might not actually take as long as you think!

It is sometimes difficult for people to take time off work, especially FIFO workers with awkward rosters. We also have patients who travel from rural areas, interstate and overseas, so catering for these time constraints is something the staff are used to handling. To accommodate these cases the team can turn around cases very quickly and without, most importantly, compromising on quality. Cosmetic veneer cases for example can be turned around and the final porcelain fitted in as little as 7-10 days, with a whole new set of teeth fitted (all-on-4) in as little as 2-3 days! This is all however dependant on individuals and the complexity of cases, but if time is a constraint for you we will do everything we can to turn things around as quickly as possible.

Funding your Smile Makeover

Once you have been received your treatment plan, the next step is organising finances. For some, savings sometimes cover it, but for others payment plans is often the way to go.

It’s no secret that a smile makeover could cost a substantial sum. Like buying anything significant, we don’t expect people to always have access to that kind of money, so instead we have paired up Pretty Penny and My Super Care to help make the process quick and easy. Visit our funding treatment page for more information.

What can go wrong with cosmetic dentistry?

Any decision to undergo cosmetic dental treatment shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like with any medical procedure there are always associated risks, and for some getting a new smile may not go to plan meaning the results are not quite what the expected!

When looking at the medical field it is important to understand that different practitioners have different areas of focus. There are vast amounts of additional research and study required to gain expertise in a field. All the staff at ADAP by go above and beyond their required additional training. Not to mention the dentists at both practices have over 40 years’ combined experience and our onsite ceramists have 60 years between them! Our in-house processes have been refined over time to what we believe give our patients the best treatment outcomes. No matter what your goals, we will have treated patients just like you before and will be able to show you exactly the sort of results you can expect.

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