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Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry, West Perth

The West Perth team is led by our principal dentist, Dr Adrian. It is a beautiful and peaceful environment, with our friendly and experienced staff on hand to assist you throughout your dental journey. Having worked on some of Australia’s most extreme cases, our highly trained and dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, explaining all the available treatment options, allowing you to make informed decisions that best suit you and your circumstances.

Our aim is to create a dental experience like no other. From the treatment you receive to the surroundings of our practice, we are always seeking to expand on our education so that we are at the forefront of modern dentistry. Patient care is our utmost priority, driven by heart & passion, we always do what we can to ensure that your treatment and the care you receive is to the highest standard.

Some of our West Perth Services

All-on-4 is a dental treatment used to replace an entire arch of teeth. By using only four strategically placed implants, a full prosthetic bridge can be supported. In the past, such an extensive procedure would have taken many more implants and with a much longer healing time. Therefore, the All-On-4 technique is an incredible solution for those with severe tooth loss.

All-on-4 could the best option, if you:

  • Want to avoid removable dentures
  • Suffer from ill-fitting dentures
  • Have failing natural teeth due to decay and infections
  • Have advanced gum disease and are missing teeth
  • Have loose teeth

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If you’re looking to replace a tooth, then dental implants are a great option. Here at Advanced Dental Artistry, we take a special interest in dental implants including All-On-4. It’s one of our favourite procedures! Implants integrate with your jaw bone and create a similar loading to that of your natural teeth. The preservation of bone helps to maintain facial support, lip support and gum support.

Dental implants can be used for a variety of situations:

  • When missing a single/or more than one front or back tooth
  • To replace an entire jaw of failed teeth
  • To replace removable dentures (All-On-4)
  • For denture stabilisation
  • Porcelain bridge supported by implants replacing multiple teeth

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If you have a chipped, cracked or gapped smile, then you may be suitable for porcelain veneers. These are thin, yet strong, shell-like coverings that wrap around teeth and give the appearance of optimum aesthetics. We’ll help you make an informed decision when choosing your veneers. It’s important to consider the shape of your face, complexion, and smile lines so the result is the one best suited to you.

Porcelain veneers are suitable for those:

  • Who have misaligned teeth
  • Who have discoloured teeth
  • Want natural teeth to remain largely intact
  • Who have gaps or worn down teeth
  • Want to restore the beauty of their smile

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If you’re looking to replace all your teeth and gain ultimate function, then a full mouth transformation may be the option for you. This type of treatment uses porcelain to give you a complete and stunning smile. By comprehensively assessing the health, bite and cosmetics of the teeth we can transform the smile into the optimum position for maintainable, long-lasting results.

Full mouth transformations suit those who:

  • Want to replace missing teeth
  • Who have worn down teeth
  • Have failing natural teeth due to decay and infection
  • Have discoloured or misaligned teeth
  • Want to restore the beauty of their smile

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At Advanced Dental Artistry in Perth, we are fortunate enough to have two qualified anaesthetists who can help you with your sedation needs.

Sedation options we offer patients are:

  • local anaesthetic
  • intravenous sedation

Intravenous sedation is good for patients who are phobic of the dentist or who want multiple treatments in one appointment.

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Aside from our skilled team, the atmosphere of Advanced Dental Artistry is very relaxing. Forget stagnant, white-washed walls of a typical dental waiting room. Our facility is warm, welcoming, and honestly looks more like a health spa than a dental practice. In fact, many of our patients now look forward to coming to the dentist!

Dentist West Perth

One of the best parts about our practice is that we are fully self-serviced. We have a highly-experienced team of ceramists, prosthetists, and anaesthetists so you only ever need to visit one location. Our staff will be there for you throughout the whole process, from initial consult to aftercare. This ensures that the treatment runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, in the warmest and most welcoming of environments!

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