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  • Financial support available – dedicated financial team to assist in your payment plan!
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Cosmetic Dentistry Perth

Welcome to Advanced Dental Artistry, leading provider of restorative and cosmetic dentistry Perth. Here at Advanced Dental Artistry we have assembled a uniquely qualified team to take care of every aspect of the complex and challenging field of cosmetic dentistry – creating beautiful smiles, and teeth that function the way nature intended. Your smile, as study after study tells us, is strongly correlated with your general wellbeing and indeed your success in life. First impressions do matter, and a beautiful smile is the very best way to start. And the fact is that many of the aesthetic defects we treat are associated with significant functional impairment. Cosmetic dentistry is a sound life investment.

Whats changed in cosmetic dentistry?

Your teeth, and the bone and gum that support them, are amazing structures, but they have really only evolved to last for about 50 years – for most of human history a good life span. These days we tend to live a great deal longer, and to expect our teeth to come with us – and not in the form of loose-fitting, wobbly dentures. Dentistry has responded to this demographic shift with a range of restorative techniques – in effect creating a new class of reconstructive dentistry.

Advanced Dental Artistry embodies the very best of these exciting new disciplines, with a team practising bite correction, veneers, crowns and bridges, and dental implant restorations, including the exciting All On 4 technology.

To discuss your cosmetic or reconstructive dental needs, call us now for a consultation or send us a contact request.

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Traditionally braces are considered the first option to change bite and position. However for many clients 1-2 years of braces is not an option especially if the teeth are already damaged. In this case orthodontics would have required removing teeth, moving teeth, implant treatment and even possible jaw surgery. As an alternative we used porcelain veneer treatment and estabilished a new bite (height of teeth) and cosmetically enhanced the smile. #smile #cosmeticdentistry #teeth

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What is All-on-4?

The term All-on-4 Advanced refers to a treatment where a full arch of 12 teeth (upper jaw, lower jaw or both) is secured into the mouth by the foundation of four implants. The angulations and positions of these dental implants are carefully pre-planned to ensure correct placement and even support throughout the four implants. The angle of the back implants provides the strength required for this full mouth rehabilitation.

Compared to older methods which used far more dental implants to achieve a similar outcome, All-on-4 is far less invasive, therefore carries less risk and a much higher success rate. Due to the simplicity of the final structure, it is much easier to maintain and clean.

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