Porcelain Veneers

for a completely natural looking smile makeover.

Artfully, hand-crafted porcelain veneers for a unique smile you won’t want to hide.


We use ultra-thin porcelain veneers that look and feel just like natural enamel, crafted by hand for lifelike detail.

Designed for you

With digital finesse and a thorough analysis of your face shape and features, we’ll give you a smile that looks like you were born with it.

Made to last

Gentle and less invasive, but with unmatched strength. With proper care, your porcelain veneer smile makeover will stay beautiful for decades.

When it comes to the perfect smile makeover,

every detail counts

What are porcelain veneers?

Veneers are custom-made facades that are bonded to your teeth to restore your smile. We use ultra-thin ceramic porcelain because it looks and feels natural. Although the application can be relatively straight forward, it can radically transform your smile, your look and do wonders for your confidence.

Who are porcelain veneers suitable for?

Porcelain veneers might be for you if you have dental conditions that affect the look of your teeth, from gaps or an asymmetrical midline through to discoloured, broken or worn-down teeth.

Totally customisable and made with undetectable ultra-thin porcelain, our veneers look and feel like the real thing. They’re also an efficient way to transform your smile, often fixing flaws in just days.



Smoking, ageing, drinking red wine or coffee and dental trauma can all turn your teeth an unsightly yellow or brown. Veneers give you…



Food and debris can collect in gaps between your teeth – which can cause self-consciousnesses as well as plaque and gum disease…



Whether from an injury, biting a hard food or teeth grinding, broken or chipped teeth can erode your confidence as well as your enamel…



Crowded teeth can cause a build-up of plaque and bacteria, accelerate tooth decay and increase your odds of gum disease…



When the surface of your teeth wears down, you may appear older than you are and experience increased sensitivity and discolouration…



Genetics, poor oral hygiene or incorrect habits can cause crooked teeth. Our smile gets more crooked as we age, so crooked teeth can also be a…


Our process explained

Your smile is an expression of you and so is our process. Here at our Perth practice, we work in close collaboration with you to create a smile makeover for your best life.

What's hiding behind your smile?

When you go through life hiding your smile, you’re potentially missing out on many pivotal moments, experiences and connections. When we design your smile makeover, we know it’s about so much more than great teeth. It’s about a face you’re confident to show to the world. You won’t just smile wider – you may even dare to embrace life more fully.

Meet Bronwyn

Perth School teacher Bronwyn felt her discoloured tooth was holding her back. Home teeth whitening products weren't effective and she really wanted a permanent solution. Our team worked closely with Bronwyn to ensure she achieved the colour she wanted and her final porcelain veneers were perfectly customised to suit her face.

Meet Lloyd

Lloyd was never too self-conscious about his teeth, but since his smile makeover with us he's unlocked a newfound confidence. Simply laughing and taking photos without a care can mean so much.

Meet Ben

The catalyst for Ben seeking cosmetic dental treatment with us was his upcoming wedding. It was important to him to feel confident and relaxed on the day and make beautiful memories by smiling big in his wedding photos!

Meet Brodie

Brodie was never really happy with her gappy teeth and was tired of never feeling confident to smile. Her upcoming wedding and looking beautiful in photos was a big motivator for her porcelain veneer smile makeover. Living regionally, Brody travelled to Perth seeking the experience of Dr Tanya Kat.

Meet Jordan

Jordan had felt self-conscious about her large front teeth since she was a child and after a lifetime of hiding her smile she knew it was time to look at porcelain veneers.

Meet Gary

Gary’s small and gappy teeth bothered him as he knew he wasn't as confident as he could be. As a musician, Gary knew being able to speak, sing and laugh with confidence would have a big impact on his life. He sought the expertise of Dr Tanya Kat for a porcelain veneer smile makeover.

We can’t wait for you to experience the connection, freedom and confidence that your porcelain veneers bring.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee you will love your smile,
We won’t stop until you do.
Your smile will be
designed for you and only you.
Our smile makeover team are
artists, and perfectionists.
We will only design and craft smiles that
we would want for ourselves.

Porcelain veneers are an investment in you

A smile makeover is an intensive, highly tailored process. We have an entire team dedicated to your health and goals and use advanced materials and digital technology for a superior smile. We won’t sugar-coat it: a smile makeover is an investment. But so are its payoffs. 

“We also understand that a big financial investment is never one you should make lightly.”

Our services include a financial wellbeing consultant to provide support and discuss your options – including self-funding, personal lending or accessing superannuation. 

Commonly asked questions

Take a look at some of the questions we get asked about porcelain veneers by our Perth smile makeover patients. Is your question not in the list? We would be happy to answer it. Get in touch. 

You need to consider the current state of your teeth and how you want your ideal smile to look.    


Veneers can effectively treat gappy, chipped, discoloured or misaligned teeth, as well as overcrowding, severe grinding and overbites and underbites.  


Each patient is unique and so is their smile. That's why it's vital to book a complimentary consultation with our cosmetic dentists to discover if veneers are right for you.   

A natural smile doesn’t just happen. It takes finesse, experience and a thorough understanding of each patient and their unique facial features.   

It also requires a delicate blend of design, customisation, skill, and attention to detail.   

Carefully designed, handcrafted porcelain veneers mimic the characteristics of natural enamel and reflect light in the same way a natural tooth would.   

You will go through a thorough discovery, design and trial smile process to make sure you get the gorgeous smile you deserve.  

A trial smile is precisely that – a chance for you to take your new smile for a test run in real life, using temporary veneers. If you have any feedback or need any changes, we can refine the colour, shape, texture, and thickness before the final insert of your porcelain veneers.   

The trial smile phase is one we don’t rush and ultimately ensures we can pick up any concerns before your ideal smile becomes permanent.  

Temporary veneers allow for a preview of your final smile. They are made of a composite material that allows for adjustments and refinement during the trial smile phase. This material is weaker than porcelain with a rougher-feeling surface.  

Porcelain veneers are what we use for the final smile. They are ultra-thin, ultra-strong, long-lasting, elegant, beautiful, and natural-looking. Once seamlessly bonded to your teeth, they feel perfectly smooth without any grooves, joins or edges. Porcelain veneers replicate the feeling of actual teeth.   

Handcrafted porcelain veneers may be ultra-thin, but they are extremely durable. With proper care, you can keep smiling for many years!  


We have been creating amazing smiles for 25 years now, with many of our original patients still showing off their stunning porcelain veneers.  

First, you need to understand how many veneers it will take to achieve the smile you want. This usually becomes clear in the smile design phase, where we consider your teeth, facial features and how you want your smile to look.   


It's also important to consider your expectations around the impact or benefits that might come from treatment. Some people want to boost their confidence or experience the freedom of smiling in photos. Others may seek stronger connections with the help of a genuine smile. Still others want to improve their oral health, which can have flow-on health benefits.  

Finally, it's also vital to think about how you would like to fund this investment in yourself. You have several finance options, including self-funding, personal lending and, in certain circumstances, accessing superannuation. Our financial wellbeing consultant will be able to provide information and support when assessing these different options.   

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