Comprehensive, transparent, and informative cosmetic dentistry pricing to assist in your research journey.

Basing dental decisions on cost alone over other important factors can be risky...

we want to empower you to make an informed choice.

At Advanced Dental Artistry we believe all patients should feel informed and confident when it comes to the price of cosmetic dental care. We understand that it can be extremely overwhelming, particularly when pricing seems to vary significantly across the industry.

We also acknowledge that seeking cosmetic dental treatment is also a financial decision, and in order to make the best choice, you need complete transparency regarding cosmetic dentistry costs. Finally, it comes down to genuine care – we want you to have the knowledge and tools to ask us, and other clinics, the right questions before you commit to any treatment.

why does pricing vary so much between clinics?

the truth is, when you dig deeper, it doesn't.

We understand that at a glance, there seems to be a significant range in the cost of porcelain veneers or All-on-4 implants between clinics.

Be aware of misleading pricing language, such as ‘starting from’ or ‘beginning at’. Many practices have hidden fees or add-on pricing for services that are essential when considering complex dentistry, such as sedation for All-on-4 treatment.

if it seems too good to be true... it probably is.

Unfortunately, key steps are often sacrificed to seemingly lower the cost of veneers or implants.

Low cost and high speed are not something we associate with good quality, long lasting dental work.

Red flags to look out for:

  • Deceptive ‘starting from’ pricing to lure you in.
  • Special or time-sensitive offers.
  • Unknowingly finishing treatment with a temporary 12-month bridge.
  • Short, free initial consultations without seeing your dentist.
  • The offer of surgery on the day of your first consult – this is a huge risk!
  • Super-fast treatment for implants and cosmetics – planning is necessary.
  • Recommendations for implants without using a 3D bone scan (please note: not just an OPG, as there is a difference).
  • Cosmetic cases and treatment plans without a design check stage.

We will never lure you in with a ‘starting from’ price...

We pride ourselves on being transparent about our pricing and giving final costs when we speak to you, so we can understand your needs and goals.

Our cosmetic dentistry pricing is provided as treatment packages to make it easier for you to plan accordingly and organise your finance.

We bundle everything you will need for treatment into a combined and simplified cost, to ensure the longevity of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry pricing and costs guide

Arrange a 10 minute call with Sian for a guide price to make sure an initial consultation feels right for you.

your smile MAKEOVER,

made possible with our finance options.

did you know we can help with finance and accessing superannuation to fund dental treatment?

Once you have been diagnosed and received your treatment plan, the next step for many people is organising their finances.

Approximately 90% of our patients use a finance option to fund treatment.

We endeavour to help you reach your dental goals by listening to you and working together on treatment and funding choices that best suit you and your situation.

At the end of your initial consultation at our Perth clinic, your treatment coordinator will discuss your finance options with you. The next steps to funding your new smile then follow:

1. Consult

2. Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

3. Finance / Super Application

4. Approval

5. Commence Treatment

 It generally takes about 1-2 weeks to organise finance. It takes around 3-4 weeks for superannuation release. 



no hidden fees,

just complete transparency from the start.


We know other practices are offering free consults.

In order to give you a thorough diagnosis and discuss your treatment options, there is significant time and resources needed. You will have a 1-on-1 appointment with a treatment coordinator and dentist for up to 2 hours.

At some other clinics, you may only spend about 30 minutes with a treatment coordinator and not see a dentist at all! That is simply not thorough enough to diagnose complex treatment, listen to your concerns and inform you correctly about your treatment options.

We also need to carry out X-rays and 3D scans to give you a proper diagnosis and be able to accurately plan for your case. If a 3D bone scan is not being used for planning implants, then essential information is being overlooked and you may want to consider another opinion.

  • Surgery and IV Sedation costs (Specialist Anaesthetist)
  • Any additional implants needed (not individually charged for)
  • Your final bridges, including your Zirconia upgrade, if your dentist has recommended this option
  • All visits to the clinic, from your surgery week to the 4 month sign off
  • Initial oral hygiene equipment necessary for caring for your All-on-4 at home
  • Any changes to your bridges during your active warranty period
  • All your hygiene appointments for the first 2 years (2 cleans and your first removal) (If you do not attend the cleans and removal appointment within the 2 year period, then they are not redeemable at a later date)
  • A nightguard to protect your teeth
  • Surgery for unavoidable implant failure or rejection within the active warranty period
  • A comprehensive warranty period, which we will go through in person
  • If you deactivate your warranty or are outside of your warranty period, you will need to fund hygiene costs, implant failure surgery and repairs. You will deactivate your warranty by smoking, missing reviews and maintenance visits and more avoidable situations we will discuss with you before treatment.
  • The cost of applying for Early Release of Superannuation in our clinic is $300, to cover the General Practitioner’s fee (Medicare rebate available of approximately $75.75 (in-clinic consult) or $39.10 (remote consult))
  • Phase 1 clean & Gum Charting
  • In-chair and take home whitening
  • Sedation for trial smile appointments (optional)
  • Your temporary veneers (trial smile)
  • Your final hand-crafted porcelain veneers
  • Review appointments
  • A nightguard to protect your teeth
  • A comprehensive warranty period, which we will go through in person
  • Repairs and replacements if you deactivate your warranty or are outside of your warranty period. The main points to remember when wanting to keep your warranty are to wear your night guard, attend all of your review appointments, come for regular cleans and no smoking.

Full mouth treatment plans may be required to correct bite / alignment issues to alleviate TMJ symptoms, or if a smile makeover with porcelain may be compromised if your bite is too far out of alignment. There are other avenues to correct bite, such as orthodontics or botox. We focus on a full mouth reconstruction as a more permanent solution to correct your bite.

Our dentists have been completing full mouth reconstructions for over 15 years now. Full mouth treatment plans incorporate neuromuscular dentistry and porcelain veneers / crowns. We are lucky enough to have Dr Adrian & Dr Tanya at our practice, who have both studied in America at the Las Vegas Institute and are qualified in neuromuscular dentistry.

  • Phase 1 clean & Gum Charting
  • Establishing your ideal bite
  • Temporary orthotic to ensure correct bite set-up
  • Temporary cosmetics
  • Final porcelain restorations on all teeth (may include veneers, crowns, bridges, onlays – every case is different)
  • Multiple bite refinement appointments
  • A nightguard to protect your teeth
  • A comprehensive warranty period, which we will go through in person

To create a full complement of teeth, in some full mouth cases we use porcelain bridges or dental implants to replace missing teeth.

  • Whitening (not required)


Below is a list of the most commonly asked cosmetic dentistry pricing questions.

They also act as a great guide for questions to ask other clinics, and yourself, when comparing treatment plans and pricing.

  • At Advanced Dental Artistry, we will never provide a ‘starting from’ price. Instead, we price our services as treatment packages to make it easier for you to plan accordingly and organise your finance in advance.
  • We bundle everything you will need for treatment into a combined and simplified cost, to ensure the longevity of your smile.
  • We are more than happy to provide pricing guide information over the phone, once we understand your needs and goals. Simply call our New Patient Coordinator, Sian! 
  • An accurate treatment plan and price would then be provided after your consultation and diagnosis from one of our dentists.
  • Every treatment plan we create includes a final bridge, made locally by a high-quality lab.
  • We do not use acrylic bridges, temporary 12 month bridges or denture teeth.
  • With proper care, ongoing maintenance and cleans our standard bridge (the teeth component) can last up to 7 years with upgrade options lasting even longer.
  • At our clinic we include everything we deem essential when considering complex dentistry - such as sedation for All-on-4 treatment, hygiene appointments and equipment, your design check, and your final bridge or set of porcelain veneers – on your treatment plan, so you are aware of the final cost upfront.
  • Dr Adrian – 20+ years of implant dentistry experience, 30 years as a dentist
  • Dr Tanya – 20+ years of cosmetic dentistry experience, 25 years as a dentist
  • Dr Justina - 5+ years of implant dentistry experience (3+ years trained in All-on-4 by Dr Adrian Kat), 12 years as a dentist
  • Dr Laine – 4+ years of implant dentistry experience (2+ years trained in All-on-4 by Dr Adrian Kat), 8 years as a dentist
  • Advanced Dental Artistry is one of the few clinics in Perth where the Principal Dentist, who mentors the other dentists on a day-to-day basis, has over 20 years of implant dentistry experience.
  • This means every case at our clinic is either performed, or overseen by, one of Australia’s most experienced All-on-4 dentists in Dr Adrian Kat.
  • Our dentists support and mentor each other and collaborate on treatment plans, giving every patient access to the wealth of dentist experience.
  • At Advanced Dental Artistry, 100% of our patients are cosmetic or implant cases. All of our resources, time and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible treatment in these areas.
  • If there is another treatment you need as part of your journey, we are well connected to refer you to trusted and experienced providers who can help.
  • Dr Adrian, Dr Justina and Dr Laine perform 4-6 surgeries per week on average. They are some of the most experienced implant dentists in Australia!
  • With us, your anaesthetic fee is included in our All-On-4 cost, and we can send an invoice for a medicare rebate. Surgery takes place in our state of the art in-house theatre, right here in the clinic, so there’s no additional hospital fees either!
  • No - we do not charge for additional implants if required. There is a lot of time and effort put into our planning to ensure that there are no surprises for both you and the surgeon. At other clinics this is not always the case, and you may wake up with additional implant and an additional bill!
  • At our clinic, you will be without teeth for 3 days maximum. Surgery day is on Monday or Tuesday and your beautiful new teeth are inserted on Thursday or Friday respectively! This allows for proper healing time.
  • This is optional and we can discuss this with you during a consultation and include sedation in your treatment plan if required.
  • No, there is no extra cost as we believe this is a critical part of treatment.
  • At Advanced Dental Artistry, every cosmetic patient has the opportunity to trial their new smile with temporary veneers and provide feedback to ensure they are 100% happy with the outcome.
  • Without a design check, you risk ending up with veneers which do not suit your face or that you are unhappy with.
  • We only recommend porcelain veneers for a quality, long-term outcome!
  • Why do we choose porcelain over composite? Porcelain has a longer life span, is stain resistant unlike composite (you can still drink coffee, red wine and eat curry) and gets much better aesthetic results.
  • Composite is an excellent material for fillings, but we feel hand-crafted porcelain veneers by a ceramist is the best option for aesthetics and the longevity of your smile.
  • For all of our services, we have an extensive warranty that we will discuss at your initial consult.
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